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Troopers: Facebook Killer Dead in Erie County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ERIE COUNTY — Facebook murder suspect Steve Stephens has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Erie, Pa.

“We have closure in regards to the search for Steve Stephens,” Mayor Frank Jackson said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Chief Calvin Williams said that at just after 11 a.m. Pennsylvania State Police received a tip that Stephens’ vehicle was in a McDonald’s parking lot near Erie, Pa.

Police responded to the scene, said Williams, and Stephens fled. There was a short pursuit, during which Stephens shot and killed himself.

Police say Stephens, 37, murdered a man on East 93rd Street in Cleveland Sunday afternoon. Stephens posted video of the crime on his Facebook page, then in a series of other live videos, claimed to kill others.

According to Cleveland police, 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. was the only victim.

Authorities said they aren’t yet sure if Stephens had ties to the Erie area or what his activity was before he was located.

“We’re making sure we go back and retrace as much as possible,” Williams said.

The Godwin family tells Fox 8’s Peggy Gallek after hearing the news of Stephens’ death that they had prayed he would surrender to authorities. They said this was not the ending they wanted.


  • he dead i say

    Yay the animal off-ed himself!!!! Saved us a lot of money on lawyers and ridiculous trials…..good job crazy bashtid!

  • Real American

    Awesome outcome! No trial even knowing he was guilty, no taxpayers paying for a prison cell. All Murders should self try & execute. Dont have t deal with death penalty appeals. May have been a terrible person, but did the right thing in the end. Good residence.

  • Arizona Avemger

    The Cleveland Police are an incompetent bunch of fools, just like they were with Ariel Castro, for ten long years, after he kidnapped Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Georgina (Gina) DeJesus. They patted themselves on the back and congratulated themselves for something that they didn’t do. They did it again this time. While the PSP was processing what happened in Erie, those imbiciles in Cleveland were once again congratulating themselves, patting themselves on the back, and saying how proud of themselves they are. None of them deserve any of the credit. The tipster, and the Pennsylvania State Police deserve ALL OF THE CREDIT, not them. This whole story is just plain sickening. Cleveland did no justice whatsoever for the family of Robert Godwin, Sr. The PSP and the tipster. did. Congratulations to the real heroes of the day: The PSP in Erie and the tipster who alerted them. THANK YOU!

    • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

      You have a good memory. I remember that day that those girls were rescued, and the Cleveland Police was nowhere to be found. Their dispatcher even told Amanda Berry that they were too busy to send a police car. That angered a lot of people when that news broke. If it weren’t for Charles Ramsey, a caring civilian, and Castro’s next door neighbor at the time, they probably never would have been found. And yet, history repeats itself once again. The Cleveland police just don’t care about the people that they pretend to serve.

  • So Sad For The Victim!!

    This “man” was a monster!! That poor elderly man, his poor family. Im actually glad to hear hes dead.

    • REALLY

      M1956, don’t even feed into that idiots posts!! That’s all he’s looking for. He has WAAAAAAY too much time on his hands

    • Chell

      There’s no racism at all in this comment! He video tapped killing a decent human being! He took pride and enjoyment in that, which makes him an evil sadistic monster! You are a douchebag.

    • think positive

      It’s obvious that he meant “poor”, as in he feels sorry for their loss. Some people are just waiting for the opportunity to call people racists, even if it means purposely taking people’s words out of context.

    • See ya!!

      Hahahaha!!! Only a dipshit would react to that comment the way you did!! Get the hell out of here with that crap!!

    • Jodie

      You need to grow up and get a real life there was no remark about his race nor his financial status . you sound racists if you post a comment like that you should be ban from this site. All you are trying to do is cause drama. Get a real job you puke

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