Last-Minute Tax Filing Makes for Busy Day in the Poconos

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Business was steady on the last day to file taxes at H&R Block in East Stroudsburg.

Terri Hon from East Stroudsburg stopped in bright and early to get it done.

"It was quick, very quick, and I was surprised because I expected a long wait," said Hon.

"I am not expecting any lines. I am expecting for my appointments to be kept and I get it done," said Kathie Cummings, East Stroudsburg.

People who were out filing their taxes tell us the Easter holiday gave them a few extra days to make sure all their paperwork was done and in the mail by the deadline.

Paul Davison is the general manager at H&R Block.  He says because of the extra time, his office has been plenty busy with last-minute filers.

"We had a large push Good Friday and Saturday and then everyone was closed on Sunday. Yesterday and today are just those that wait until the end," said Davison.

The lack of people rushing into tax offices can also be attributed to more people filing taxes online.

Kathie Cummings from East Stroudsburg says that's not her style.

"I like doing it face to face. I can do others with simple things and do it online but not mine. I like people to do mine," said Cummings.

According to the IRS, as of April 7, more than 103 million refunds have been issued.

Those who filed for an extension have until mid-October to send in their completed returns.