Thief Hits Homeowner With Piece of Wood During Robbery

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TOWAMENSING TOWNSHIP — A homeowner who surprised a burglar wound up getting assaulted with a piece of wood in Carbon County.

Police say the 77-year-old victim found a man in his garage near Lehighton around 10 a.m. on Friday.

Investigators say the suspect hit that victim in the head with a piece of wood and demanded money.

Police arrested the suspect after a chase.

The elderly man is expected to be okay here in Carbon County.


  • 911, what's your emergency?

    The victim should have hit the criminal with a 230 grain piece of lead traveling at 900 feet per second. Folks, the time has come to arm yourself and become proficient in safe firearm ownership. Get a gun, get some training, get your concealed carry permit, and start carrying. The more thugs that get dropped are one less to be concerned about.

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