Kmart in East Stroudsburg Set to Close This Summer

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- There are only a few months left for shoppers to load up carts at Kmart in East Stroudsburg. The store will close sometime this summer.

"I think it's terrible because this is the only Kmart up here now. They closed the one near me in Mount Pocono. They closed that one up, so this is the only closest one to me and I come all the way here to shop and now they are closing this one," said shopper Samantha Camel.

"I think it's terrible because, you know, if you don't want to go to Walmart, you can go to Kmart, and I don't know where another one is so I think it's terrible they are slimming down our choices," Dorothy Gillard, East Stroudsburg.

People who shop at this Kmart tell us they are also concerned about what happens after it closes. They don't want this big space to sit vacant in East Stroudsburg.

"The place back over there, it closed. It was a Weis and they closed, and it just sits there until every Halloween season when it gets rented out and then it just sits after that. So it probably will just sit here," said Gillard.

Others worry about the jobs that will be lost.

"It's sad because other big stores are taking away all the business and it's putting a lot of people out of a job," said Dionne Maikranz, Bushkill.

Managers at the Kmart in East Stroudsburg confirmed plans to close the store, but could not give an exact date.


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