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Deadly Motorcycle Crash in Carbon County

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — A motorcycle crash in Carbon County has turned deadly.

Paul Herman died Sunday at a hospital near Allentown.

The 57-year-old from Jim Thorpe was on his motorcycle when it collided with a vehicle at the intersection of Route 248 and State Road near Weissport about two weeks ago.

Investigators are still looking into that deadly crash in Carbon County.


  • Mad Dog

    Oh stop being so sensitive. Riders know the dangers the second they start their bikes. Look at how many deadly wrecks there are everyday NOT involving motorcycles. Drivers are getting worse and especially more careless. Driving is a risk anymore let alone riding. And if you choose not to wear a helmet, then you’re just asking for it. The only way you’d get me to ride a bike is if I were the only one on the roads.

    • Deez Nutz

      You are a disgusting animal to say something like that about this man! You’ll get yours some day, Karma’s a bitch!

      • seen it all

        Yes bad taste , but donor cycle riders take life in own hands . A valid question would be DID HE WEAR A HELMET ? and if not was this the direct cause of his 2 week suffering till death ? Just for the hope of saving someone else.

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