Pro-Trump, anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley, California

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BERKELEY, Calif. — At least 13 people were arrested as pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors clashed Saturday at a park in Berkeley, California, police said.

“A large number of fights have occurred and numerous fireworks have been thrown in the crowds,” Berkeley police said in a statement. “There have also been numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd.”

CNN affiliate KPIX reported that Trump supporters planned a “Patriot Day” rally at noon and counter-protesters showed up a few hours earlier.

Hundreds of people had gathered in Civic Center Park. Police set up a barrier of orange mesh fence to separate the two sides but it quickly fell down as protesters started fighting, KPIX said.

Video showed crowds spilling into nearby streets. Scuffles broke out, fireworks, bottles and traffic cones were thrown into crowds and dumpsters and trash cans were hauled into streets. One man set afire a red “USA” hat and held it overhead.

Police donned gas masks as they used pepper spray on the crowd. A Berkeley station for BART, the mass transit system, was shut down because of the disturbance, CNN affiliate KRON said.

Police said they confiscated prohibited items including hand-held flagpoles, a knife, a stun gun, helmets and signs, and flags attached to poles, KRON reported.

Video showed apparently injured people but no details on the number of injuries was available.

A police officer was treated and released from a hospital after someone threw either pepper spray or tear gas into the crowd, said Berkeley police spokesman Byron White. He added that a person in the crowd was treated and released after being sprayed with “bear spray,” an irritant spray used to deter aggressive bears in wilderness areas.

An even larger protest erupted in February when people took to the streets to protest an appearance by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley. The university said more than $100,000 in damage was done. In early March, 10 people were arrested when pro- and anti-Trump groups fought in Berkeley.

Protests were held in dozens of cities across the United States on Saturday for the anti-Trump “Tax Day,” but the Berkeley rally was about free speech, according to local news reports.


  • get over it - he's OUR president

    Had to happen on a Saturday. During the week the Trump supporters are all at work.

  • Time to Step Up

    Let’s just stop this nonsense, step up as citizens of the United States of Americaand start supporting our president. We need to get with the program and show him respect as our president. He is President Trump, or Mr. President, not just Trump or Mr. Trump

  • Antitrolling

    I hope many of the Trumptards got their butts kicked. Stupid enough to have a rally at a California University,a strong hold for the Democratic way of life. You guys nervous about loosing you’re Obamacare Yet..? hahahahha Dumb and Dumber..

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Oh ya, I’d be nervous taking on liberals at a Berkeley university! HAHAHAHA!!

      I’d go at them 100 to 1!

      As soon as I felt they were taking the upper hand in that fight I’d pull out a job application and start waving it around.

      Maybe a bar of soap?

      A bible?

      A copy of my marriage lisence that has a man and a woman’s name on it?

      Hell, I’m a white male, me just showing up would cause half the infestation to scurry off to their safe spaces!

      • Antitrolling

        Your showing just what you’re made of with you’re response. If someone doesn’t have a Bible,have Male /Female on their marriage certificate both things that do not affect you in any way with the exception of you’re hate of it say’s one thing about you. You have no respect for people who are different and you’re mouth about meeting 100 of them to 1 is laughable to say the least. You’re constantly posting on here and any one with a brain knows just what kind of person you are. Let me take a stab.. a 59 yr old ,250 lb- non working ,uneducated hateful person.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        I love the smell of triggered liberal in the morning.

        I thought your clan was big on tolerance? Wouldn’t tolerance include late 50’s, uneducated and unemployed hateful people? It is tolerance only reserved for what YOU want tolerated?

        You see, this works both ways.

      • not tolerant of intolerance - no - wait...

        Get ’em Lloyd! Seriously though, why are there two L’s in Lloyd?

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      There’s nothing like calling someone “uneducated” when your command (HA!) of the English language is atrocious. I’m guessing it’s Easter Monday and you’re not at school.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Hey WNEP why not use the correct headlines…….
    Anti Trump left wing loons attack peaceful Pro Trump Rally………….

    See how easy that was WNEP, would you like me to come work for you….lol

  • Johnny

    Berkley protests are nothing more than the radical altleft showing the world there intolerance for those that do not think as they do. It was a free speech protest because these folks won’t allow free speech on there campus. Bunch of leftist cry babies .

  • Joebooski

    LLoyd you said it perfectly and with intelligence.The sooner the young pups learn there role in life, the better we are as a society.

    • Niraj kuharaka

      How do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you don’t even know which there , their or they’re to use? Your judge of intelligence isn’t very credible…

  • McCracken

    Imagine if these people, on both sides, engaged in something more productive. Oh, what a great country we would be.

  • GTX

    trying to put a post on this web site is more painful than a root canal. And that was not a protest it was a riot and they all should have been fire hosed.

  • WarningFakeNews

    “What you resist, persists” – Carl Jung
    When we put our passion, our energy, and all our emotional bluster behind an effort to resist something, then we are powerfully summoning it, and everything similar, to us. We are feeding into it.

    Thanks for protesting, have a nice day!

    • Frank Schneider

      Why did you not compare and contrast Jung with Gestalt? Or are we to be impressed with the fact that you have even heard of Jung?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    These liberal protests don’t bother me because I understand them.

    You have to understand the dynamic of the relationship.

    A conservative is like an old dog sunning himself on a country porch on a spring morning.

    A liberal is a young puppy running around causing a fuss and making a bunch of noise.

    The old dog growls a bit and “tolerates” the puppy.

    The puppy doesn’t get it.

    The old dog has enough of the puppy’s antics and pins him to the porch floor by his throats in about 2 seconds flat.

    The puppy yelps, relaxes, and wets himself a bit.

    Once the old dog realizes the puppy got the point he lets him go.

    The puppy walks off with his tail between his legs.

    That is liberal vs conservative in America until the end of time.

    Conservatives “tolerate” liberals.

    • lookback

      As the old dog lays there with his mind, body and dreams of glory fading away the young dog just bides his time, accepts the false, worn out toughness for now. Quickly, as sure as the old dogs strength fades the young dog gains his and when not expected the young dog lashes out and pins the old dog to the floor, he sulks, whimpers and lays in the corner, licking himself between the legs realizing all he has left in life is a false bluster and an end that is near. The young dog walks over to the old dog, lifts his leg and lets the old dog know, you had your time and now it is over, lay down and dream and accept the fact, it’s not your world anymore.

    • Real American

      This is rather insulting to puppies… puppies are far more intelligent and useful compared to libtards

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I hope the conservatives knocked the teeth right down their liberal throats.

    Conservatives are typically a peaceful and patient lot. I wouldn’t piss them off as a whole if I were the liberals. That is a fight the liberals are guaranteed to lose.

    • Vince The Pince

      conservatives are typically peaceful and patient!?!? try a little experiment next time your in public around people you don’t already know in NEPA. Casually mention that you’re a democrat (i know this would never really happen) and watch the “peaceful and patient” conservatives pull out their pitch forks and pikes. in this area i feel like i have to hide my political beliefs because 95% of conservatives I have encountered in this area are completely intolerant to a different point of view and, would never entertain an intelligent debate, but just skip right to mud slinging. i’m also a white man, so i cant even imagine what it’s like for someone who is not. bring on the down-votes.

      • Givemeabreak

        It’s “Pince” whatever he was going for there I don’t know but it isn’t Prince. Trump loves the uneducated. He could shoot someone and not lose votes.

      • Vince The Pince

        vince the pince is the name of a cat on trailer park boys. just a funny name, not a typo. sorry to disappoint.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Fun fact: Both California and New York have movements afoot from Conservative areas of the states to secede from the more liberal cities.

    Let liberals pay for their own welfare for a change.

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