Balloons Released in Memory of Mail Carrier Killed in Arson

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WILKES-BARRE -- Family and friends gathered in Wilkes-Barre to remember a mail carrier killed in an arson three years ago.

Fellow letter carriers wore their uniforms outside the post office on South Main Street. Everyone released purple balloons into the air in memory of Laurie Merritt.

Merritt was killed after a fire was set in the attic of her home in Wilkes-Barre.

Investigators still do not have any suspects in the case.

"It's just important that we make sure we never forget her and make sure that whatever happened and whoever's responsible for this knows that," said George Hall, a friend.

Investigators recently had a break in the case. They were able to open up Merritt's cell phone with a special computer program. They are hoping there is information in the phone that could lead them to a suspect in the arson.

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    now i want every person who let the balloons go to find them, we dont need more trash spread out across the planet, find a more environmental way to act without damaging our only home

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