Anglers Cast Out Their Rods for Start of Trout Season

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LACKAWANNA STATE PARK -- Lines cast and bait ready, fishermen at Lackawanna State Park were finally able to dust off those rods and get ready for the first day of trout season.

It's been a long wait for some anglers, but they were ready to take advantage of the nice weather Saturday.

"Well, it's easy for the kids. The creek was a little bit hard, but this lake is a little bit easier for them to put a boober on," said Nona Williams of Hop Bottom.

Boats floated all along the lake at Lackawanna State Park. On land, fishermen picked spots they thought would be the best to catch trout. Some had better luck than others.

Although high winds may have made things difficult, fishermen say it's nice to be able to spend time with family.

"I learned how to fish here a few years back, and I taught my son, and we are going to have a good time whether we catch a fish or don't catch a fish," said Rich Brill of West Scranton.

Father and son tag-team Rich and Mark Brill had a few lines out hoping a fish would take a bite.

"We got a couple things here. We got one that just kind of goes out there and sits and one with a fly that we just play around with and have some fun," said Mark Brill.

Trout season continues until early September.


  • El Ma

    “Old Foggie,” I have a sneaking suspicion that one trespassing violator that falls on your property and successfully sues you for damages would change your mind. And, I also have a sneaking suspicion that you would likely have a thrombosis if someone traipsed onto your property, left their beer and soda cans, and rearranged your expensive rip-rap just to suit their fishing needs.

    This isn’t about being neighborly. It’s about common courtesy and NOT breaking the Law, bottom line.

  • seen it all

    Who writes this ? PORN stars cast out their rods , Anglers cast out their lines also the BOOBERS (bobbers ) follow the same thoughts , COOL though lets fish !.

  • El Ma

    I have got a few things to say about the “anglers” who are casting their rods in any part of this State. I don’t know who these people are, or where they were raised, but the opening of Trout Season is always a “…wait for it…” weekend when I have to forcibly eject people from my property because they believe that they are entitled to trespass on anyone’s land in order to go fishing.

    Yesterday, there was a herd of people who were crawling all over an adjacent property, building a impromptu campfire to make s’mores, and leaving their trash to be blown into the stream. Another group from that same property decided that they were going to fish the deep pool in front of my home. A man came striding onto my property with his Cabella’s trout-fisherman-getup (complete with hip waders, vest, fishing cap, etc.) and actually walked up my driveway, across my yard, and I called out to him, “Sir, this is private property.” He responded, “I know,” and continued walking across my property. I called out to him, again, and said (louder), “SIR? I said that this is private property and you are trespassing. Now, get off of my property!” He continued walking to the edge of the stream and said, “I’m just going to fish, here.” I shouted, “NO, you are NOT. You do not have my permission to be on my property, and I’m telling you, AGAIN, to get off of my property!!” He then shouted at me, “YOU MEAN YOU WON’T GIVE ME PERMISSION TO GO FISHING ON YOU PROPERTY?!?!?!” I shouted back, “NO!!! I don’t know where you come from, but this is my HOME, and I’m telling you for a final time to get off of my property!” He shouted back at me, “Well, I was GOING to ask for your permission!” Right. I wonder when he was going to offer THAT minor courtesy.

    Folks……….those of you who come from urban and suburban environments need to realize that MOST of the land up here belongs to somebody. You people need to realize that it is against the Law – a criminal violation – to trespass whether there is a POSTED sign, or not. Unless you have verbal or written permission from the landowner, go to a public place and cast your rods, there. DO NOT assume that everyone living in the rural areas of this State are stupid, ignorant of the Law, or just plain simple. Most of us work very hard and we have to manage the roads with your dreadful driving habits, your rude attitudes, and the garbage that you people leave behind.

    I would LOVE for half of my County’s population to follow each of these morons back to their McMansions in Bucks County and traipse all over their manicured lawns to dig fire pits and leave beer cans and food containers all over their property and see how they react.

    • El Ma

      ……….a final word about this annual invasion: State Police are useless in assisting residents with this matter. I realize that setting speed traps is far more important than escorting people off of private property, and that is truly a shame.

      • old foggie

        Said enough that you don’t own the stream , nor stock it . Sorry your selfish butt thinks police will help stupid , Lets try to live and let live or you could get an Ak , then cops will assist you .

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