Anglers Prepare for Trout Season in the Poconos

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- The fishing section inside Dunkelberger's near Brodheadsville is stocked and ready to go for the beginning of trout season.

We found plenty of anglers buying last minute fishing gizmos and gadgets.

"It's really exciting. I can't wait," said Gary Meyers, Albrightsville.

"I am excited to catch some fish and hopefully keep some and cook some," said Almenda Phillips, Albrightsville.

"Just here getting my license and my worms for the first day of trout season," said Jamie Franks, Effort.

If you're in the market for a state fishing license with a trout stamp, it will run you a little more than $30.00

Over the last few years some people have opted to buy their fishing license online but here at Dunkelberger's people tell us it takes away from tradition of coming into the store, getting your license and anything else you might need before you hit the water.

Workers at Dunkelberger's tell Newswatch 16, many people look forward to opening day.

"It's been busy and really ramping up over the last couple of weeks. We've got people coming in and picking up bait and final tackle and supplies and getting ready to go out and have a good time," Ed Ingram, Dunkelberger's.

Stocking of the creeks and streams throughout the Poconos started last month.

Earl Kuntz from Kunkletown has been ready to cast his fishing line for months.

"Oh I am ready to go. They put quite a few trout in already and pretty nice ones too. I go local every year," said Earl Kuntz, Kunkletown.

The first day of trout season begins on Saturday at 8 a.m..

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  • El Ma

    I have got a few things to say about the “anglers” who are casting their rods in any part of this State. I don’t know who these people are, or where they were raised, but the opening of Trout Season is always a “…wait for it…” weekend when I have to forcibly eject people from my property because they believe that they are entitled to trespass on anyone’s land in order to go fishing.

    Yesterday, there was a herd of people who were crawling all over an adjacent property, building a impromptu campfire to make s’mores, and leaving their trash to be blown into the stream. Another group from that same property decided that they were going to fish the deep pool in front of my home. A man came striding onto my property with his Cabella’s trout-fisherman-getup (complete with hip waders, vest, fishing cap, etc.) and actually walked up my driveway, across my yard, and I called out to him, “Sir, this is private property.” He responded, “I know,” and continued walking across my property. I called out to him, again, and said (louder), “SIR? I said that this is private property and you are trespassing. Now, get off of my property!” He continued walking to the edge of the stream and said, “I’m just going to fish, here.” I shouted, “NO, you are NOT. You do not have my permission to be on my property, and I’m telling you, AGAIN, to get off of my property!!” He then shouted at me, “YOU MEAN YOU WON’T GIVE ME PERMISSION TO GO FISHING ON YOU PROPERTY?!?!?!” I shouted back, “NO!!! I don’t know where you come from, but this is my HOME, and I’m telling you for a final time to get off of my property!” He shouted back at me, “Well, I was GOING to ask for your permission!” Right. I wonder when he was going to offer THAT minor courtesy.

    Folks……….those of you who come from urban and suburban environments need to realize that MOST of the land up here belongs to somebody. You people need to realize that it is against the Law – a criminal violation – to trespass whether there is a POSTED sign, or not. Unless you have verbal or written permission from the landowner, go to a public place and cast your rods, there. DO NOT assume that everyone living in the rural areas of this State are stupid, ignorant of the Law, or just plain simple. Most of us work very hard and we have to manage the roads with your dreadful driving habits, your rude attitudes, and the garbage that you people leave behind.

    I would LOVE for half of my County’s population to follow each of these morons back to their McMansions in Bucks County and traipse all over their manicured lawns to dig fire pits and leave beer cans and food containers all over their property and see how they react.

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