Restaurant Gears up for Busy Easter Weekend

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Preparations are underway for Easter dinner at the Country Cupboard near Lewisburg. Employees in the kitchen prepared food for Sunday.

"We do about 80 pans of macaroni and cheese just on Sunday alone, 300 for the entire weekend," Missy Swartz said.

The Country Cupboard is one of the only restaurants in the Lewisburg area that is open on Easter, and for people who do not want to cook, it's a good place to go. Managers say it was busy last year.

"We served 3,600 people so we're looking forward to that again this year," Swartz said.

One of the busiest parts of Country Cupboard's Easter business is the bakery items.

"We start getting everything ready the beginning of the week," Melissa Gro said.

Bakery employees spent the day decorating cakes, some for orders and some for people to walk in and buy.

"Coconut custard and coconut cream are definitely popular. Then we have all of our fruit pies also. We average about 400 pies this weekend," Gro said.

In addition to that, Country Cupboard sells around 250 cakes.

Jim Premick of Pottsgrove picked up some Easter goodies.

"A couple of pies for the family that's coming up," Premick said.

And managers say family meal packages have been popular this year for take-out.

"It's an Easter family meal package," Swartz said.

Employees say they've been preparing all week for this, and while Easter is not as busy as Mother's Day, it is one of their busiest days of the year.