Power to Save: Helping Lewisburg Community Garden

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LEWISBURG -- Volunteers at the Lewisburg Community Garden grow fruits and vegetables to donate to food pantries and hot meal programs. Now, they are looking for your help to continue helping others.

The Lewisburg Community Garden is ready for the 2017 planting season after a long winter. This weekend marks the sixth year the garden is open.

Garden manager Kyle Bray says volunteers donate a lot of produce.

"Last year, for example, we harvested a total of 3,688 pounds of organic produce for donation for local food banks and hot meal programs," said Bray.

The garden is run by volunteers and sometimes money is tight.

"There's a lot of infrastructure repairs. Raised beds need to be replaced. The lawn mower died yesterday; I need to buy a new one," Bray said.

Bray says he recently heard about a private grant called "Seeds of Change." The Lewisburg Community Garden could get one of ten $10,500 grants or one of two $25,000 grants.

"They have a set of funds available for school gardens and community gardens."

Right now, the community garden gets its money from private donations and fundraising events so the grant money would go a long way.

Bray says the money would help increase the garden's presence in the community as well as increase its educational programs.

"It would kind of get us on a bit of a stable fund track for a few years so we're not having to scramble so hard to fundraise and donate. We don't want to exhaust our funders and donors in the community because we are a small area."

You can help the garden win the grant by casting your vote online here.