At Frein Trial, Doctor Testifies about Injuries to Trooper Douglass

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MILFORD -- Testimony from experts took up most of the day at the trial for accused cop killer Eric Frein.

He's accused of a deadly ambush in 2014 at the state police barracks at Blooming Grove.

Witnesses included the doctor who operated on Trooper Alex Douglass.

Douglass was severely wounded but survived the ambush in September of 2014.

The doctor recounted what happened the night Trooper Douglass arrived at Geisinger-Community Medical Center in Scranton.

Dr. Mohammad Siddiqui says Trooper Douglass was brought to the hospital on the night of September 12, 2014, with a gunshot wound to his pelvis.

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According to the doctor, Trooper Douglass had shattered bones and severe damage to nerves and blood vessels. It took until the next morning to stabilize him.

Trooper Douglass was also at the Pike County courthouse on Thursday.

"I knew I was shot and I thought I was shot in the leg so I thought, 'it's not that bad, I'm going to live, I am going to live and it's not too bad, I'm conscious,' but ultimately I learned the pelvic area is where I was shot carries most of the blood in the human body. I actually coded twice on the table at GCMC while they were treating me," recalled Trooper Douglass in May 2015.

Other witnesses who testified included handwriting specialists, DNA analysts, and firearm experts.

Corporal Mark Gardner of the Pennsylvania State Police testified that handwriting in a journal detailing the 48-day manhunt belonged to Eric Frein. Gardner pointed out that one similarity between the journal and a sample of Frein's handwriting was the misspelling of the word "yelled."


  • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

    I wouldn’t want to be on a jury ever again. I was once and that’s when I learned that lawyers can talk for hours on end without saying a thing. A lot of times, it seems like they just like to hear themselves talk. If there’s anyone I really feel sorry for, it’s the jury, but also the victims and their families, too. As for Frein, I have no idea if he’s guilty or not. I wasn’t there. I sure hope that the only important thing to everyone there is the truth, no matter what it is or where it leads.

  • GTX

    And so ends another action packed episode of Perry Mason staring Raymond Burr. We will get to the bottom of this.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Lloyd I think your a complete moron to even believe your boy Frein is close to being innocent….I also think you are a piece of human garbage to even try to defend this useless soul…but judging by your posting you it appears you don’t think he did it…Lloyd why don’t you face reality and realize your boy is going fry….as he deserves…that should be pretty clear what I think.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Wouldn’t the doctors diagnoses/evaluation fall under “irrelevant”?

    I mean, sure it can prove a shot happened, but has no correlation to Frein being that actual trigger man.

    What do you think Grundy?

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