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Group Addressing Safety and Congestion Concerns Along I-81

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MOOSIC -- Improved safety and reduced traffic congestion along Interstate 81 was the focus of a meeting in Lackawanna County.

The Focus 81 Committee and the director of the I-81 Multi-State Corridor Coalition gathered at PNC Field in Moosic on Wednesday.

Among the topics tackled was how cars could electronically communicate which one another in the future to avoid crashes. They also looked at ways to handle all the tractor trailers that use the interstate.

"Parking is a big issue because we have a lot of drowsy truck drivers out there, and we believe that's the cause of a lot of crashes," said Andy Alden, executive director of the I-81 Multi-State Corridor Coalition.

Officials also say if the rules and regulations along Interstate 81 from state to state are the same, the number of crashes would go down.


  • Joe

    They should start by setting the speed limit to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, getting rid of left exits, making longer ramps, adding more lanes, and a BIG ONE is to make a beltway around the valley. From somewhere between exits 159 and 164, build a road to connect to I-476, which forms a loop, then it rejoins I-81 by Clarks Summit. Low speed limits lead to more crashes and safe drivers cited.

    Instead of doing this, the state is focusing on pursuing bills to ticket safe drivers with speed cameras.

    Of course, the speed limits will be too low, tickets barely over the speed limit, and the devices have been shown to make many errors. An Ohio judge even called them 3-card monty. Oh yes, you also have ZERO rights.

    It is time for PA to pursue real safety, rather than the practice of enforcement for profit. How about keeping 2 lanes open all the time and using the zipper merge?

    Check out the National Motorists Association.

    • Joe

      No, people need to drive the 85th percentile, and speed limits should be posted accordingly. You seek to cause crashes.

  • just a taxpayer

    This story must be wrong. I thought it was the elderly who are causing all the problems. Geeez I wish they would get their stories straight. We don`t know who to be angry with now. Immediate license revocation for truck drivers who cause accidents and anyone over 60 and while we are at lets include teen drivers since according to CCD are the greatest percentages of age groups that cause accidents. Sigh, revoke them all and we can have the highway all to ourselves.

  • anywereusa

    sure, its not the lane closed signs left up all day when all the lanes are open, or people of phones crashing, or the people crossing over double white lines, it must be the truckers

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