Change in Temperature Slows Season for Farmers

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- It was a busy day at the Lewisburg Farmers Market as people shopped for fresh produce and enjoyed the nice weather.

"Everybody gets cabin fever this time of year and it's really wonderful to be outside, especially in an open-air market like this," Ann Gardner said.

"I think it's wonderful. I'm sure they appreciate it too, the nicer weather," Joyce Wolyniec said.

The farmers tell Newswatch 16 they do appreciate the nice weather, but the recent change in temperature slowed down their season. Last month's snowfall made things difficult at farms in central Pennsylvania, and now many farmers are falling behind.

"The fields are so wet. Last Monday we were out trying to do some things and you made marks in the field as you went and you don't want to do that," Wilford Haupt said.

Haupt owns Haupt's Produce Farm in Paxinos. He says it's not only the weather that's caused problems. Some prices are higher because of bad weather across the country.

"Lettuce is ridiculously high, $50 to $75 a case and it should only be $20. Some things are out of whack. Broccoli should be $15 a case and it's $45," Haupt said.

But shoppers tell Newswatch 16 they have not noticed the price difference.

"Not really, I think they're good with their prices," Debbie Makar said.

People tell Newswatch 16 the nice weather has them in the mood to start planting their own gardens.

"Seeing all of the wonderful potted flowers and things around just gets you more in the mood to do it," Gardner said.

"We have about 100 packs of seeds ready to go in the ground," Phil Makar said.

Farmers tell Newswatch 16 they need warmer, dryer weather to stay on track.

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