Bridge Work Slows Traffic on I-81 in Luzerne County

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Emergency bridge work slowed evening traffic along Interstate 81 in Luzerne County.

Both northbound and southbound were down to one lane while crews continue to fix the Suscon Road Bridge near Dupont.

PennDOT has closed the bridge between Armstrong Road and Route 315 indefinitely due to structural problems.


  • Dennis Xander

    They need to set the timer different on the red light coming out of the industrial park. You only get 1 tractor trailer and a car thru the light before it turns red. Traffic is backed up a half a mile or so above Lowes warehouse every night around 3:30

  • PotholeDodger

    Why do we even pay taxes in this state? All of our publicly funded infrastructure is crumbling garbage.

    • Capt Bogart

      “publicly funded infrastructure is crumbling”. This is what happens when Harrisburg has used the funds, year after year after year for something else. Route 81 from New York state line to Scranton should be total closed. Potholes the size of footballs in the bumper lane from the New York State line to New Milford, PA. Actually 14 holes this size. I see daily cars with broken rims or flat tire from these holes. The Governor along with PA Senators, and Representatives should all be impeached!

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