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Bakeries Busy Before Easter Weekend in the Poconos

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- The smell of warm pies fills the air inside The Village Farmer and Bakery in Delaware Water Gap.

Display tables are filled with apple, blueberry, pecan, and coconut custard pies, all wrapped up and ready for the holiday dinner tables.

"Totally love this place. Oh, and the pot pies, chicken pot pies, oh, my goodness, this place makes some of the most delicious foods and desserts," said Andrea Lee, New York.

With only a few days to go until Easter, workers are baking up a storm and taking orders for Easter breads and pies.

"Oh, my, it's insane. We have been getting orders all week. Our first order we probably got three or four weeks ago. They are just piling in and all week it's just been insane and it's going to be really, really busy," said Jessica Benzinger, The Village Farmer and Bakery.

For people like Sarah Shields from East Stroudsburg, stopping in for a sweet treat is a weekly tradition. She says it's not surprising the place is busy before the big holiday.

"It's definitely the place to go. These people are wonderful. Everything is fresh, and it's very good," said Shields.

If you ask people at the bakery what their favorite pie for the holiday weekend is, they will tell you pecan pie. Some even come in from out of state to make sure they have it for the weekend.

"The pecan pie is tres delicious," said Lee.

Andrea Lee has a vacation home in the Poconos. She stopped in for a piece of pie and left with a whole pie.

"I had just bought a whole pecan pie to take back with me to New York," said Lee.

Bakers expect to sell hundreds of pies throughout the rest of the week and will be open on Easter Sunday.

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