Warm Weather Brings Allergy Symptoms

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SUNBURY -- Warm weather means spending time outside, shedding those winter coats, and, for many, allergies.

A pharmacist we spoke with says all it takes is a few days in a row of 60 to 70 degrees and people come in asking for allergy medicine.

The shelves are stocked with allergy medication at Custom Care Pharmacy in Sunbury. Pharmacist John Rosinski says people are coming to the store looking for allergy relief.

"All those flowers and buds that are on the trees, all of a sudden now they are probably filled with those allergens that cause problems for people and warmer temperatures usually really do it," Rosinski said.

Newswatch 16 spoke with several people in Sunbury who suffer from allergies. Tom Hamilton used to live in a big city and now his allergies are worse.

"If you go outside of town there's farms and animals and everything. Where I'm from, there's nothing but buildings and cars."

Rosinski says most people come in looking for non-drowsy, 24-hour medication. He says most over the counter drugs help. He knows once the warm weather hits, allergy season begins.

"All it takes is a couple 60 or 70 degree days, you get the change in temperatures."

Rosinski says allergy season is just starting. He says it usually lasts until the first frost so if you're feeling the symptoms, you may want to head to the pharmacy.