Two Arrested After Drug Bust in Lackawanna County

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THROOP — Two people are behind bars after police in Lackawanna County seized $50,000 worth of heroin from a home in Throop.

Police charged Amanda Ferrer, 25, and Raymond Matos, 36, with possession and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say Ferrer was found inside the home along Memorial Drive with a 3 year old on a bed that was coated with powdered heroin.

Officers said three kids under the age of 8 were taken from the home.

Ferrer and Matos are locked up tonight.


  • I do it for the kids

    The baby was coated in that crap, or the bed, and the baby was laying on it ? Either way! WTH!?? I understand that sometimes life gets tough, but drugs is not the answer, selling or using. Yes as a taxpayer I hate seeing my tax dollars go towards funding their stays in jail. But goodness, I will pay good money every check to make sure scum like this stays in jail. And we all want the kids to go to a good home, but half the time SOME these foster parents are just as bad. What a sad situation. Praying for the babies!

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