Suspect in Lycoming County Homicide Nabbed at Canadian Border

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- Police have nabbed a suspect in a homicide case in Lycoming County as he was trying to flee to Canada.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Graham Norby-Vardac, 23, of Virginia, in the death of Donald Kleese last week.

When Norby-Vardac saw the charges for the first time in court, he said, "I didn't kill him. I don't really know who killed Mr. Kleese. This is all so overwhelming."

According to court papers, Norby-Vardac was riding his bike through Pennsylvania on his way to Canada when he decided to stop and break into a house near Cogan Station for food and rest.

Norby-Vardac admits to police he broke into the home of Donald Kleese on a whim. He was searching through the house when he heard the 82-year-old man snoring. Kleese started to wake up and that's when troopers say Norby-Vardac hit the elderly man several times in the head with a shovel, killing him.

Taking food and money with him, Norby-Vardac stole the man's car. A day later, he was stopped at the Canadian border where he was arrested while driving the stolen car.

In court, Norby-Vardac appeared agitated saying, "I couldn't bring myself to kill anyone, even if I was trying to survive."

He was brought back to Pennsylvania and arraigned in Lycoming County Tuesday afternoon on charges including criminal homicide, aggravated assault, burglary, and criminal trespass.


  • rebeccantsproductionscom

    I think you’re right. Google the guy’s name if you have a minute. There’s not much to see, but it’s an odd picture: language translator, house sitter (where a relative left a comment about how trustworthy he is!!), a website about prehistoric mysteries, work from home stuff, and some pretty far out there comments on a few sites. Plus, who would ride a bicycle to Canada of all places, in early April, in the Northeast? Can’t wait to see what his defense attorney comes up with. Loser.

  • Russ

    This jerk was “smart” enough to break into the home and “smart” enough to attempt to flee to Canada and now we are all supposed to feel sorry for this sack of crap. Another “I dindu nuffin” moron. Swift justice please without wasting a dime of my taxpayer dollars beyond the bare minimum necessary.

    • Robert J Mills

      No need to bring him to trial, we can just let the Judge that over ruled the slaying of two Bradford County Deputies rule and go ahead and release him. Our judicial system is lost on the rights of animals. We can only hope that the Judge or a member of his family become a victim of one of societies misfits.

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