Prison Sentence for Man Charged with Stealing 48 Guns in Bradford County

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- A man was sentenced to more than six years in prison for stealing guns from a store in Bradford County.

Aaron L. Vanderpool, 35, of Wysox, was sentenced on Monday to 77 months in prison for stealing 48 firearms and for distributing heroin.

According to United States Attorney Bruce D. Brandler, Vanderpool pleaded guilty to burglarizing Fulmer’s Sporting Goods in Wysox in May of 2015. Vanderpool admitted to stealing 48 firearms and to conspiring to transport 47 of them to New York, where they were sold and traded for heroin.

Only three of the stolen guns have been recovered by law enforcement.

A judge also ordered Vanderpool to pay $27,383.75 in restitution.

Two others have also been charged in connection with the burglary. Jared Miller was charged in August 2016. Luis Mercado was charged in April 2017. Both entered plea agreements to firearms and heroin trafficking offenses.


  • lock and load

    Some people would rather that law-abiding citizens not have guns. And if you have a concealed carry in PA – you’re a criminal in NY if you try to do the same up there. But this guy got drugs in exchange for guns. All makes perfect sense to me. THIS is the reason we need nationwide reciprocal concealed carry laws.

  • seen it all

    Sentence is wrong , This is such a major criminal that at least 20 years (min) is norm. This man distributed 45 unrecovered guns to criminals and was selling Heroin . Someone was paid here — any felon gets 5 yrs for posessing a gun, SO CAN LOCAL CHARGES BE MADE as these appear federal to keep this crap put away forever ?

  • RicU.

    This is a joke and a travesty. If a street thug is caught with ONE unregistered gun, he faces 48 months. Steal 48 guns and get 77 months with probable parole. As for the $27K restitution, how does he pay that back? Inmates can make pennies for “Maytaging” and such and have damaged future and ability to earn when he comes out. Basically, this will make a criminal into a better criminal.

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