Eric Frein Barracks Confession Played for Jurors

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MILFORD -- Another key part of evidence played out in Pike County Court Tuesday in the trial of Eric Frein -- video of the three hours the accused cop killer spoke to troopers after his capture, admitting to acting alone in the deadly attack.

Frein hasn't said a word publicly since his arrest two and a half years ago.

On Tuesday, jurors got an earful from Frein from a recording of his interrogation at the very barracks he allegedly attacked in an attempt to "wake people up."

It took 48 days to catch Eric Frein in the Poconos and only three hours for troopers to nail down a confession.

After Frein was brought into the Blooming Grove barracks in Pike County in late October 2014, the lead investigators in the deadly sniper ambush started asking him "why?"

During the videotaped interview, Frein smoked cigarettes and talked about how he evaded the manhunt for the majority of those 48 days by hiding in the abandoned airplane hangar at Birchwood Resort near Tannersville.

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Troopers told Frein he was famous and then Frein asked about Corporal Bryon Dickson, a father of two boys, age 7 and 5.

"I think there is legitimate remorse here and I think it will resonate," said defense attorney Michael Weinstein.

Frein's attorneys tried to have the videotaped confession thrown out before trial, saying state police violated his right to remain silent. The judge allowed it and jurors heard much more including:

Corporal Dickson wasn't singled out. In fact, Frein picked the Blooming Grove barracks after searching Google.

Frein said he told his family he was working in Delaware, and even had a girlfriend in the month before the attack, but was staying in motels and at a friend's house.

At times in the video, Frein became emotional saying he was sorry.

He nodded his head yes when asked if the shooting was meant to make a change, wake people up because as Frein put it, "there's nobody to vote for."

"Cpl. Clark did a masterful job of salesmanship asking leading questions or choice questions where he didn't have a choice," said defense attorney Bill Ruzzo.

Defense attorneys believe there are grounds for appeal if Frein is convicted based on the judge allowing the video to be played in court.

More testimony is expected the next two days before a break on Good Friday.

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