Candy Shop Busy Before Easter

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GREGG TOWNSHIP -- Chocolate bunnies in many different sizes cover the tables at Purity Candy, along with brightly colored boxes filled with chocolate eggs. It's Easter season, and the candy store is busy with people looking for one thing in particular.

"Anything chocolate, anything chocolate," Martha Guthrie said.

She didn't have any problems finding that. Purity Candy has been around since 1907. It's on Route 15 near Allenwood, and while it's a popular spot for people from the area, Marge Downs of Perry, New York is also a regular customer.

"We come visit my daughter in Virginia, so we always stop here or we stop on the way back through. But we figured Easter is coming so this is a good time," Downs said.

People who spoke with Newswatch 16 like the idea of supporting hometown businesses, and they like to watch the employees make the candy.

"More of a family atmosphere and they're always ready to help you. It doesn't take long. You walk in and you walk out pretty quickly. But the variety -- they have wonderful varieties of things," Connie Bower said.

"They're good people. They're friendly here and they have good prices," Downs said.

Each holiday season, Purity Candy makes a special treat for people to admire or buy. This year, it's a 75-pound solid chocolate rabbit for $495.

"That's what we come to look for! I wanted to see it because I love coming here every year for it," Guthrie said.

Even though it was a busy day at Purity Candy, employees say they are gearing up because Good Friday is typically their busiest day of the year.

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