Amish School, Crashes Lead to Lower Speed Limit on Route 54

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NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY -- PennDOT is reducing the speed limit on Route 54 between Montgomery in Lycoming County and Turbotville in Northumberland County.

The speed limit is dropping from 55 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour.

"It's a good thing because I'll tell you, they run through here like mad. And you ought to hear them here at night, they go ripping through here like mad,” said Arthur Albertson of Delaware Township.

PennDOT officials say the change comes after a safety study revealed speed-related crashes, especially around curves on the roadway.

"I've had cars right next to my living room, upside down, right next to this pine tree over here, down in the ditch on the other side, in the culvert, flipped up into the yard,” said Alan Haight of Delaware Township.

Officials in Delaware Township, Northumberland County also specifically asked PennDOT to make the change because of a new Amish school house right along Route 54.

"A lot of them walk back and forth to school on this road, so yes, there's been numerous buggies hit on this road too,” said Haight.

"I really appreciate that. That goes for the big roads too. There's no reason someone has to travel 75 miles an hour, none. Zero, none,” said George Love of Delaware Township.

PennDOT officials say the speed limit reduction on this road will take place officially once all the signs are changed over.


  • Feed Me More

    can anybody call it a school when all they are taught are how to avoid paying taxes and how to abuse farm animals?

    • Don Hunter

      Amish people pay taxes. They just don’t pay Social Security tax, because they do not collect it. They take care of their own in old age. As for the Amish in general, they should get off the road. I wouldn’t ride a bike down the middle of Rt. 54, but these geniuses can drive their buggy down the road. As with any religion, you can do whatever you want but when it affects other people because you want to live in the Stone Age it is stupid. Build a separate road for Amish buggies, call it the NonAutoBahn. They will love it.

      • Sam I Am

        You must be blind if you’ve never seen a
        Share The Road
        sign with a bicycle on it,
        Some are posted to keep a 4′ distance too.

  • Help me!

    Changing the speed limit means nothing if not rigorously enforced. Perhaps speed bumps would slow people down more than slower speed limit?

  • Zoe

    If they think I’m going to slow down they have another thing coming. Here is a genius idea …don’t build your school by a busy road! Time for the children to learn about vehicles and how to cross a road!

  • Eugene Bollander

    To deter speeding thru areas where schools are located place speed bumps ! People will slow down !!!

  • Sam I Am

    The problem here is exceeding the speed limit, and Only part of This story is about the Amish & the school, yet most of the comments on here are bashing the Amish And their way of life.

    Way to go folks !!

  • Joe Moma

    Speeding isn’t the problem. There needs to be a red light. At warrior run boulevard people can cross without having any issue and people just need to pull their heads out of their asses and pay attention 55 miles an hour is plenty fast and the Amish are not the problem they have lives too and I’ll be criticizing.

  • great

    just great now it will take longer to get to work since im one of the many that use the road and actually go the speed limit … speeders will always be speeders

    • Jay

      Oh no, it’s now going to take 9 minutes to travel those 7 miles rather than 8 minutes!!! The world must be coming to an end!

  • Feed Me More

    take the amish off the road and there wont be any issues, always putting along in their buggies in blindspots around corners and over hills, its time for them to get with the times, not change speed limits because of them.

      • Feed Me More

        thats true as well, but when vehicles with motors are going a speed and a wagon with spindle wheels is going 2 mph in the middle of the road controlled by uneducated amish and manic horses being pushed to their limit on pavement all year long no matter the temperature which should be classified as animal abuse, anyhow, long story short, get them off the road and there will be less accidents and deaths of people and horses, pretty simple

    • take a class

      Hate to tell ya they were there much before the paved roads and motor vehicles. Take a history class and learn the Amish culture a bit. 10 to 1 says you’d never make it 10minutes there. So yes change the limits and slow down for young children…Amish or not

      • Your points are lame

        non Amish people were there long before paved roads and motor vehicles as well and just because you choose not to advance with the times doesn’t make you tougher or better than anyone

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