State Police Track Down Wrong-Way Driver Who Caused Three-Car Crash

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MOOSIC -- State police say they've found the wrong-way driver who caused a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County.

Troopers believe the 84-year-old woman got on the interstate on Tuesday using the off-ramp to Montage Mountain Road in Moosic and headed south in the northbound lanes.

Investigators say one driver hit the brakes to avoid the wrong-way driver and caused a three-car pile-up. No one was hurt.

Witnesses said the wrong-way driver did a three-point turn on the interstate and drove away.

State police are still determine if charges will be filed against the wrong-way driver.


  • mustang sally

    Basically it’s either she can”t see or is too confused to drive ( or drunk?) . Insurance will fight out liability and the surrender of her license a necessity . The real Question is did she know she was the cause when she left ? The turnaround suggests , yes.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Mike V one day you will be old & crusty…lets see if you have the same views when that day comes.

  • Mike V

    84 or not, she still fled the screen after causing this accident. I have no emotional ties to this, but I can only imagine if my wife or child was injured because of this I would would action taken. Scranton has an extemely large population of elderly compared to the rest of the population, elderly also tend to cause more accidents then any other age group.

  • Police Officer

    Often times charges do not do anything for an elderly confused driver. The proper remedy may be to send in a request to PennDOT for a driver retest. I have done this many times. PennDOT may then take her driver’s license away so this does not happen again. Only filing charges will not stop it from happening again, and what good will fines and/or jail do for an 84 year old woman? It is likely not the result of intentional criminal conduct… but rather the result of a confused, aging old lady in need of assistance.

    • Sam I Am

      Committing a violation, no matter the age should not be an excuse to be let off the hook.
      I charge should be made, and possibly a loss of license after the re test.

    • Mark Verbalkint

      yes its true stopping this from happening is important. But making that 84 year old pay for the accidents victims cars to be fixed should happen regardless of the age of the person.

    • Axia

      She fled the scene of an accident. Would a teenager have gotten off without a citation? How about a 30 year-old? 50? Where is this line drawn that it’s ok just because someone is elderly and confused?

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