Celebrating Woman’s 100th Birthday with Cards, Cakes, and Smiles

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SUSQUEHANNA -- An early birthday celebration marked a big milestone in Susquehanna borough Sunday.

Mary Baker is turning 100 next week.

Organizers wanted to hand out cards and well wishes one week early because Mary's 100th birthday is on Easter.

"It's just a great milestone for her, to acknowledge her presence in the community. She means so much to everyone," said her friend Nancy Narma.

Mary was born in 1917--when only eight percent of homes had telephones. For her, there are no special secrets for reaching this milestone. She was just happy to be surrounded by family and friends.

Mary's friends say she sang in the church choir. She also worked as a secretary for the Susquehanna Community High School.

"She really didn't need the PA system because you could hear her from the hallway. She had a really loud voice," said Chris Herbert of Susquehanna.

Mary has lived her entire life in Susquehanna, always with a pleasant smile on her face.

Although Mary had no children of her own, her loved ones say she is kind to everyone.

"She is a dear. She loves everybody, and I don't think she ever said anything bad about anybody. She is kind and a wonderful lady," said Mary Sienko, her cousin.

Mary celebrated her birthday milestone at St. John's Catholic Church, the church she's attended her entire life.