Repairs to Broken Water Main Complete, Boil Advisory Still in Effect

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DUNMORE -- Repairs are complete after a problem at a water plant in Dunmore impacted service to thousands of customers.

While some people still don't have water, others--including residents in parts of the Abingtons--should boil their water until further notice.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania American Water said repairs were completed Saturday night at the plant on Mill Street in Dunmore. Service should be back on for all customers by Sunday morning.

For people who spent the day dealing with water problems, things can't get back to normal soon enough.

"Can't cook, can't flush the toilet," said Jessica Kondrat of Dunmore. "So we had to take a few trips to the water buffalo."

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania American Water said the break flooded the facility's basement in Dunmore, and impacted service to tens of thousands of people.

People with no water of their own filled up at tanks placed around the area.

"We're going to go to the gym and work out and take a shower there for now and take it from there," said Carissa Stout of Dunmore.

Caterers scrambled to move a funeral lunch for 200 people from La Buona Vida in Dunmore, which lost its water, to Stirna's Restaurant in north Scranton.

"They had to bring the food from there, everything. Trucks were running back and forth. We had to get more dishes, more silverware. We did it," said Terry Cummings, catering assistant.

Some businesses spent the day shut. Others found workarounds, but less water meant less money.

At the Fancy Nail Salon, there were no pedicures because there was no water for the stations.

"I came down here to get my nails done and get a pedicure, but there is no water, so I had to settle for a manicure," said Shayla Owens of Wilkes-Barre.

At the Chestnut Street Tavern, there was no water, so customers contented themselves with beer.

"It's like living up in the woods, but really you are in Dunmore!" Joe Riggi said Dunmore.

The boil advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

Pennsylvania American Water has water tankers set up at the following locations (customers are asked to bring their own containers):

  • Dunmore
    • Monahan Avenue (near Big Lots)
    • West Pine Street
    • Dunmore High School
    • Mill Street (nursing home)
  • Scranton
    • Moses Taylor Hospital
    • Regional Hospital
    • Lackawanna College
    • East Mountain – Engine 10
    • Pittston and Gibbons – No. 2 Fire House
  • Dickson City
    • Enterprise Drive (near car wash)
  • Throop
    • Dunmore Street (gas station)
  • Olyphant
    • Eureka Hose Company, East Grant Street
  • Jessup
    • 911 Center (upper lot)
    • Hill Street Fire House
  • Blakely
    • Borough Building
  • Clarks Summit
    • Fire Department



    How will I cool down my wildebeest of a wife without cooling her down with water?!?! Please help, Pennsylvania American Water!!!

  • dave sparacino

    we really live in hell here in takes them 4ever to plow roads,fix a water pipe..taxes are crazy…the weather sucks…what a hell hole..get out while u can

    • wnepcommenter

      I was born and raised here and have lived all around the world. People always remark that I’m crazy for coming back here. I agree that it’s far from perfect here but it is home; instead of complaining about it so much maybe move someplace else and see what YOU think.

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