Better Late Than Never; Girardville Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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GIRARDVILLE -- After it was postponed for two weeks because of last month's blizzard, people were finally able to celebrate a St. Patrick's Day parade in Schuylkill County.

The parade in Girardville was supposed to take place in late March, but was postponed because of the heavy snow.

People were excited to finally celebrate the annual tradition in Schuylkill County.

"The old saying is, 'If you build it, they will come.' Well, in Girardville if you have the parade any time of the year, you're going to get people to come because it is a good venue for both young and old alike," said Gerard Kuna of Girardville.

This Saturday, with much better conditions, people wore their green and enjoyed as the parade marched on.

Anthony Kleeman had a whole spread of food for friends and family to enjoy.

"All the family and friends are here. We were disappointed the parade was canceled, but now we are all here again," Kleeman said.

Organizers say some of the acts couldn't reschedule, but they were very happy with the turnout for the parade.

"We got bands. We got firetrucks, people marching, people watching, and the weather is not that bad," said Don Dudash, organizer.

"It's great to have the parade. I know it was postponed, and it came up on a beautiful day, beautiful friends, and it's a great way for Girardville to put their best foot forward," said Dan Kelly of Girardville.

That's exactly what the marchers did, helping put a smile on the faces of everyone who watched.

Organizers are hoping for better weather next year, but they say they will have a parade no matter what.


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