Wyoming County “Dodged A Bullet” By Avoiding Serious Flooding

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WYOMING COUNTY -- This week's steady rains left Meshoppen Creek bursting from its banks in some spots, flooding part of a park in Meshoppen borough.

A beaver was swimming where kids usually run and play Friday afternoon.

"It's high, really high. I've never seen it up this high, it's like covering most of the field,” said fifth grader Jace Donavan of Meshoppen.

Wyoming County Emergency Management leaders say they "dodged a bullet" when steady rain gave way to light spring snow showers Friday.

Any more heavy rainfall, they said, could have meant serious flooding.

"If the storm stalled a little bit, we would have gotten more, but it did what it was supposed to do and it got out of here," said Bob Donnora of Myo Beach.

He knows about flooding. He and his family lost everything in 2011.

The Myo Beach area of Meshoppen Township is right along the Susquehanna river, which is muddy, mucky and moving fast.

The area was destroyed by flood waters in 2011.

People who live here watch the river carefully.

"That storm was driving me crazy. I was watching it hit down south and knew it was coming this way and we were worried,” said Holly Stark of Myo Beach.

Russ Kipp and his wife came from Wyalusing to check on their riverfront property.

They were happy to learn the flood warning was canceled.

"We just bought this place and we don't want it washing away before we get to use it,” said Kipp.

With dry weather in the forecast ahead, officials in Wyoming County predict the river level, the stream levels and the creek levels will continue to go down.

"We're going to stay here because I love it here,” said Donnora.