Troopers: Comedy DVDs, Guns, Ammo, Sniper Manual in Frein Hideouts

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MILFORD -- Witnesses cataloged a list of things found in Eric Frein's hideouts, including comedy DVDs, guns, ammo, and sniper training manuals.

The father of accused cop killer Eric Frein also took the stand Friday at his son's murder trial.

Crates of evidence were carted into the courtroom at Frein's trial in Pike County, and the jury heard about everything from what was in Frein's room to what police found at his campsites in the woods.

After a morning of testimony filled with state troopers detailing what was found inside the Frein household, the afternoon led off with a variety of characters involved in this trial, from Eric Frein's father to FBI agents detailing how Frein ended up on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list.

Accused cop killer Eric Frein's father walked into the Pike County Courthouse just like he has every day. But on Friday, Frein's father took the witness stand.

Gene Frein explained to jurors how his son had a room in their house but hadn't lived there since July, two months before the 2014 ambush at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove that killed one trooper and badly injured another.

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The prosecution spent the morning detailing all the items they found in Eric Frein's room at his parents' house in Barrett Township --including several guns, bullets, and even what appeared to be a checklist on how to carry out an attack.

By the afternoon, the prosecution moved on from the family home and into the manhunt for Frein after the shooting when investigators found some of Frein's belongings in the woods about two weeks after the ambush -- items like his checkbook and homemade explosives.

State police warned the public after these findings during the manhunt.

Members of the FBI also explained about the impact of the investigation which led to Frein being added to the FBI's ten most wanted list.

Among the items state police say they found at one of Frein's campsites was a DVD of the 2000 movie "The Ladies Man."

State troopers from all over Pennsylvania took part in the investigation and listed off items that were found inside Frein's house like a gun rack with nearly a dozen guns in Eric Frein's bedroom, a checklist on Frein's notepad that listed off items that could have been used in the ambush, and even a sniper training manual sitting on his bookshelf.

At one point, the prosecution brought up several metal ammo boxes and dramatically laid out on the floor in front the jury all of the ammunition that was inside.

Investigators also pointed out a match between the bullets found inside Frein's home and the shell casings found across from the barracks after the attack.

Testimony is expected to continue Monday.


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