Students Discuss Studying Abroad After Syria Bombing

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BLOOMSBURG -- When violence happens, some people find it hard to leave the country. But some students at Bloomsburg University are about to do just that, to study abroad.

The students we spoke with are not going to Syria or Sweden. Even so, they are traveling around the world, and leaving in about a month. The students tell Newswatch 16 while they have some concerns, they refuse to let it ruin their trips.

It's a rite of passage for many college students to study abroad, and that includes these students at Bloomsburg University. Thomas Weber and Jason James are headed to Morocco next month, and Lindsay Tosh is going to London.

"I'm very excited. I've never been out of the country before," Tosh said.

"However many books I read or however much I study, it will never reach the full immersion of living in a foreign country like that," Weber said.

But in the last 24 hours, a lot has happened overseas. The United States bombed Syria, and someone drove a truck into a department store in Sweden, killing at least four people. But all of the students we spoke with tell us the attacks have not swayed their desire to study abroad. Although they do have some concerns.

"I'm afraid as a U.S. citizen I will be perceived negatively due to foreign policy decisions," James said.

"I'm more worried about people who are in poverty and people who are willing to steal and rob from you," Weber said.

Even though the students expressed some concerns they tell Newswatch 16 it won't stop them from having the trip of a lifetime.

"Whatever happens happens and I'm going to take precautions and be safe but I can't affect everything that's around me," Tosh said.

"As long as I'm respectful and I treat people how I want to be treated, I'll be fine," James said.

The students tell Newswatch 16 they will be cautious and on guard because bombings can happen anywhere, but they plan on enjoying their trips, and making the most of their time overseas.

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    I hear from the media that Sweden is very safe. Maybe go to school there, do some shopping..

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