Lycoming County Latest to Consider Increase in Vehicle Registration Fee

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WILLIAMSPORT -- People come to see Sharon Clark at her notary business near Williamsport when they need help with their vehicle.

"Titles registration, title transfers," said Clark.

Right now, in most counties across Pennsylvania, it will cost a driver $36 every year to renew their vehicle registration. That could soon change in Lycoming County.

"If you own a truck, a car, a trailer, you're going to get assessed a $5 fee,” said Tony Mussare.

Through a gas tax, county commissioners are allowed to add a $5 fee for annual vehicle registrations, so instead of paying $36 you will pay $41 every year.

"We expect to get about $615,000 a year," said Mussare.

Drivers will hand over that $5 to the state but commissioners tell us the state will then hand that money back over to the county so they can use it right here on roads and bridges.

"As you can see, it's about half a million dollars to replace that bridge with a new bridge,” said Mark Murawski.

It would cost nearly $20 million to fix every bridge on the list. If the county were to pay for several bridge projects at once with the registration fee, It could end up saving money in the long run.

"Those bridges and roads will continue to deteriorate if we don't take care of it," said Mussare.

"They just see money taken out; they don't see anything going on with the bridges,” said Clark.

"It's another infringement on them; it's another draw in their paychecks. It's something that should be done,” said Harold Clark Jr.

"I think the roads and bridges all need worked bad, but are they actually going to use it for that? That’s what we want to know," said Scott Heckman.

The commissioners tell us PennDOT plans to match each dollar the county receives if the registration fee is put in place. A decision on the $5 registration fee in Lycoming County will be made by next month.


  • seen it all

    What a crock , Adding a fee to a fee , The STATE set the fee and county has no rights to add to it . Lets stop the assnine fees and have responsible govt instead , Raise sales tax a penny at least it’s state wide and FAIR .

  • magicmikexxsm

    This is just wrong County’s should not be able to tack on their own registration fees to your car…..we pay the state and they dish out highway dollars……so this year $5 bucks, maybe next year another $10 where does the madness stop????

  • MMMM

    Why doesn’t Williamsport tax the college instead of bleeding the taxpayer dry! The college is buying up all these properties and not paying taxes on them.

  • TrumpTrainOne

    we need more casino money, more gas well money, more gas tax, or how about we just raise the property taxes again. How about a privilege to work in Williamsport tax.

  • Amazing

    I listened to the story and Mr. Clark clearly stated “it’s something that shouldn’t be done” not what you idiots have typed!

  • candy

    I don’t know why they went to Sharon clark to speak about this. they should have go triple A on this. they been around a lot longer then her. she made the family look like a fool her and Harold clark. .

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