Family of Late Scranton Marathon Runner Speaks to National Media

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SCRANTON  -- Lindsay Doherty, the mother who died at the finish line of the Scranton Half Marathon last week, was laid to rest today. However, since her untimely passing, Doherty's story has captivated people all over across the nation.

Doherty's family has been quiet up until now, grieving the loss of their beloved wife, sister, daughter and mother -- but Lindsay's widower, Jim, is finally speaking out about not only her death, but also her life.

The coroner has said that Doherty died of an internal hemorrhage just after finishing the half marathon last week, coming as a shock to all those who knew her.

"She had just developed a weakness in an abdominal vein that unfortunately tore and ruptured right after she passed the finish line," Jim said, in an interview with Inside Edition. "It's not something that was caused by the race, and I don't think it was anything that anyone could have found out or detected."

Her husband spoke with Inside Edition about how their family will remember the mother of three -- a woman known for dedicating her time to her kids, as well as her career with the Diocese of Scranton.

Social media has been flooded with pictures and posts about Lindsay this week -- calling her a "Proud Scrantonian" and a Super-Mom -- and saying that her big smile and enormous heart left a lasting impression.

"From the moment I met my wife, I knew there was nothing better in this world," Jim added. "She was without a question the greatest woman, and greatest wife, and greatest mother I have other met and that there has ever been. We are always going to love her and she will always be with us."

The full interview with Jim Doherty and Inside Edition will air on WNEP at 7:30 p.m. Friday.