Armed Robbery Strikes Small Business in Hazleton

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HAZLETON — Police in Hazleton are searching for two suspects after an armed robbery Thursday evening.

According to police, the incident occurred last night around 4:45 p.m. on the 500 block of Alter Street, targeting long-time local business Pence’s.

According to the victim, a white male entered the store brandishing a handgun and stole approximately $2,000. He then reportedly fled east along 5th Street in a silver Ford Explorer.

According to surveillance photos, he is described as approximately 5’10” tall, and was wearing tan khaki pants, a black hoodie, and a red bandana over his face at the time of the crime.

Hazleton police asks if anyone has any information on the crime or the identity of the suspects, to please contact them by dialing 9-1-1 or submitting an anonymous tip on their website.


  • Salt miner

    Two suspects, one description? You sure he wasn’t a light skinned hispanic like his somewhat darker buddy behind him in the photo? All this virtue signaling is fake news when you intentionally omit information. Stupid liberals putting the population at risk again because they won’t do a simple job without going SJW.

    • Salt miner

      For those of you thinking “racism”. No. Racism is rooted in fear. Fear is the number one quality of the liberal/politically correct, Saul Alinsky styled mindset. You are a brave person of astounding moral character if you call things for what they are. The liberals make excuses for certain classes of people, which in turn means (by all standards of logic), that they see those people as inferior. Truth sucks, but I am just someone trying to get by while judging the people that I encounter by their character. The people that don’t want to debate you are the ones to be the most afraid of in life. They share the same basic life patterns as the violent criminals because they see you as an inferior victim instead of a superior ally that deserves equal respect.

    • George Banks

      Or it could be a white devil wife constantly in the ear of her husband about money. They are a dime a dozen in Luzerne County

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