Apparently, He’s Back: “Apparently Kid” Debuts on “The Toy Box”

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Apparently, he's back!

Noah Ritter, the little redhead who gained notoriety following and interview right here on Newswatch 16 is starring in a national television show.

The ABC show called "The Toy Box" premiered Friday night on WNEP, which features toy inventors pitching their concept to four young judges -- Ritter being one of them.

By the end of the season, Noah and the other judges will select their favorite toy, which will then be manufactured by Mattel and sold at Toys-R-Us.


  • Growup

    People wonder why bullying is still an issue, yet here is a long list of grown adults saying mean comments about a child.

    • think positive

      Exactly. Bullying STINKS. But whoever is responsible for putting this child out there in this extremely obnoxious manner, are the ones to blame. He was obviously groomed for this kind of behavior, and “apparently”, alot of people find it aggravating.

  • think positive

    I’m sorry, but this child really annoys me. I love children, they are the purest form of life, in my opinion. But loud, know-it-all, spoiled children I find annoying. I feel sorry for him because the decision to make him this kind of celebrity is adult-driven. Why do they do this to kids? What happens to him when all the fame is gone?

  • Michelle W

    Apparently I had enough of this kid this first time around. Apparently it was enough to make
    me not watch this show…

  • Solomon Grundy

    Oh this kid is so annoying…him and Ryan lecky both need to take a long walk off a short peir.

  • Clarissa

    “Local kid makes good!” I think it’s great, you sad-saps are just jealous. Noah is smart & funny, and he has a chance at something that most people don’t. While you losers sit on the couch in your underwear, drinking bear, smoking and watching trash tv, Noah will have the start of a career. And a Thank You to his grandfather, who helped make it happen.

    • Hope Moffitt

      This kid is not funny at all not even a little bit he’s just a fat little brat. I’m sure his parents are as obnoxious as he is

    • gingervitas

      What’s his great career? He’ll be the next little ginger facing rejection at the ripe old age of 15, become a junkie, and then blowing his brains out in a 1974 Winnebago. I’ve seen it all too often.

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