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Protesters Gather Outside Ringling Bros Circus Over Animal Rights

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Not everyone was happy the circus was in town.

Newswatch 16's found protesters outside the Mohegan Sun Arena before the start of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey show.

The group is not only upset about current treatment of the show's animal but concerned for their future care.

“We're out here to educate people who don't know about the abuse, and we are very concerned because Ringling has not told us where they're going to take the animals and we want these animals to be released to a reputable wildlife sanctuary,” said organizer Silve Pomicter from Chinchilla.

The protesters plan to be outside the arena for the final show on Sunday in Luzerne County .



  • judy popso

    So glad to see the protesters there to be a voice for the animals. Most humans are too greedy and only care about themselves and using animals for their entertainment. Hope all these animals find peace at an animal sanctuary and do not get used to be bred to live on a concrete floor in a zoo. Wake up people

  • animalandpeoplelover

    What happens when the protestors run out of things to protest? Oh, I know, they will find something wrong with society—negativity finds its own level.

    • Beverly Whelan

      People are so callous that I can’t imagine running out of things to protest. But what we would do is to find peace if that ever happened. That is indeed our goal. People think that they are suffering when we ask that animals be permitted to live the lives they were meant to live. How selfish is that? And they call us terrorists? What a paradox!

  • Beverly Whelan

    I’d like to imprison all the people who think the elephants are well-taken care of and give them food and a bed and make them do silly unnatural tricks while crowds laugh at them. Then I’d question why they want to live a normal life when they are taken care of. In the meantime when they are no being beaten into submission, they would be chained by the feet. Then we could evaluate fairly if they appreciate the care.

  • sara mackelvey

    the There are no more elephants! They are no longer in the shows – and Ringling will have its final shows on May 7 in Providence, R.I., and on May 21 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y. so understand this – THEY HAVE NO MORE ELEPHANT SHOWS – NONE – NADA – ZIP – ANIMAL RIGHTS TERRORISTS HAVE WON .they are already at a elephant sanctuary. From what I gathered with this article – that the protesters were never told – lol lol and some animal rights idiot called the media to draw attention to this – they did NOT even know that the elephants are not there.

  • boycottwelovepets

    Thank you protesters for showing up for the animals – and in that nasty rain. Ringling hasn’t disclosed its plans for the animals (they could be sold to a broker and end up as shot dead as part of a canned hunt),so it’s so important to keep the pressure on until they agree to send them all to reputable sanctuaries.

  • Givemeabreak

    The hate for protesters is hilarious. You know who I hate? People that sit around and do nothing but complain about people doing something.

    • Mellanie Marino

      We are protesting to inform people of how these animals and all animals are treated in this world. People need to be educated. For some reason people think animals were put here to serve us and for us to eat them.That is not the case at all they are their own beings and they need to be left alone. There is plenty of people that are willing to perform in the circus there is no need for animals to be used. These poor animals are abused and forced to do things they are not meant to do. On top of that they are raised and abused their whole lives just for us to eat them its really horrible.

  • too many to count

    Wow, standing room only – now that’s showing them!! I wonder how they feel about partial-birth abortion?

  • whatever831

    Thanks protestors. You make our lives so much more wonderful and fulfilling. Not to mention the fact that that’s why the tickets were more expensive than advertised!

  • Mark Gano

    This is a game that two can play. Friends of mine had protesters in front of their house. One in the family works for a testing lab. The protesters thought that the use of intimidation would get them to submit. Well this family always uses what’s between their ears and collected sculls from dead animals found in the woods and nailed them to their trees. I’m certain this got the protesters in full snowflake mode.

  • vasakeen

    Now what would be truly wonderful is that if these protesters who care SO much about elephants would spend their valuable time and money in supporting the CONSERVATION of the elephants in the wild. Or even in putting their efforts into supporting the large acreage and facility that Ringling has for their elephants in Florida. Nope. All we see is protests…and providing incorrect information about the care the elephants receive. I hope the public make a point of asking these protesters just WHAT they actually hope to accomplish??? Besides preventing the public from experiencing these magnificent creatures who are well cared for by their trainers and staff. I hope people know that there is an agenda here, and it is not for the benefit of the elephants, but to REMOVE the elephants from our lives, with no concern for the future of these animals and the funding for their care. Part of the funds raised by their performances is used to provide them with excellent care. So, are these animal rights individuals going to help support the elephants now? Or just remove their means of support???

    • You think you kno

      Animals supported themsemselves just fine in the wild but considering they robbed them of duch freedom their best place is on a animal sanctuary

    • DCV

      Wow what an ignorant bunch of nonsense!! You have no idea how these animals are ripped away from their mothers while they are young to be beaten and abused into submission for their “entertainment value.” The actual “agenda” here is for the profit of the circus and nothing else. Yes, protestors DO want to remove elephants from your lives!!! In case you weren’t aware, elephants don’t belong in cages and traveling cars and doing stupid tricks for the mouthbreathers of NEPA. Maybe that’s why we don’t see elephants wandering around here in our towns? They DON’T BELONG HERE!! And yes, most people that I know, including myself, DO make monetary contributions to conservation and sanctuaries for these magnificent creatures. Do you? Please, next time educate yourself just the tiniest bit before making such ridiculous statements!!!

      • jimbrony

        Never been to India, have you? Elephants are treated real well over there. Perhaps you should book a trip some time and do your protesting against the locals. Let me know how you make out.

      • sara mackelvey

        they were not born in the wild – they were not taken from the wild – they were born in captivity – they have been well taken cared of – they donot even though what wild is!! have you ever had a conversation with an elephant? wow – if you did – guaranteed you’d be making some hefty bucks off of the elephants. Once again – people are talking about the care and the upkeep of the animals, that they have no knowledge of.

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