Hemphill 3-Time State Champion In The 100 Meter Dash Looking for 4-Peat

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Bloomsburg senior sprinter Jahvel Hemphill is once again drawing a crowd. The three-time state champ in the 100 meter dash is looking for number four.

"I started about 8th grade. My friends dad introduced me to the sport. I didn't even know what track was. And then I ran, and made it to Nationals in Detroit. Loved the sport! Loved the atmosphere, and then I just kept running from there and then that's where the story started," said Jahvel.

Hemphill ran a 10.74 in the state meet last season, and has been timed in the high 10.5's and low 10.6's throughout his career. Hard work and god given abilities made this journey possible.

"The key for me really is my technique and keeping stride. I got pretty long legs and small torso so it's stays pretty high so and my hips are tight," again said Jahvel.

"Describe when he runs what's it like? I mean to just have that raw talent. That's what the credit goes to is that god created him his parents that created him that's a blessing to have," said Steve Weigle.

In a league meet Wednesday with Mount Carmel Jahvel ran a 10.82 in the 100. Not one of his fastest times due to a nagging injury with his hamstring, but come the end of May at Shippensburg Jahvel hopes to pick up time and pick up his 4th state title in the 100.

"Right now I'm not really worried about that too much. I just want to help my teammates because our 4 x 100 is looking good. Just want to get there and stay healthy and stay high and us technique because technique is really the key to anything keeping your arms tight and not above your eye and just running high," added Jahvel.

Jahvel is still undecided about his future, but these last few months of his high school career should be spectacular. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports in Northumberland county.