Correctional Officer Found with Drugs in Monroe County

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- A sergeant at the Monroe County jail is now the one behind bars, all after she brought drugs to work.

AuthoritiesĀ arrested Sergeant Tnishia Antoine of Blakeslee at her workplace, the Monroe County Correctional Facility, after another employee in the jail found a bag of heroin lying on the lobby's floor. After reviewing surveillance footage, it was revealed that Antoine was the one who had dropped the heroin as she was entering the facility.

An investigation -- led by Monroe County's District Attorney's office -- discovered that she had also concealed heroin in her bra, inside her vehicle parked in the Correctional Facility's parking lot, as well as at her residence.

She -- along with her husband Ronald Brandon -- is facing multiple charges, including multiple felonies.

Monroe County Children and Youth were called to take custody of the 18-month-old child of Brandon and Antoine due to the large amount of drugs and drug paraphernalia found in the home.

Antoine is being held at Northampton County Correctional Facility with bail set at $20,000, and Brandon is still pending arraignment and is housed at the Monroe County Correctional Facility.


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