Wrong-way Driver Stopped on I-81 Ramp

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MOOSIC -- A couple from Canada were stopped after they were headed the wrong way on an exit ramp for Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County.

The couple was headed up the off ramp from I-81 to Montage Mountain Road in Moosic Wednesday afternoon. They were stopped by state police before they got to the interstate.

That is the same off ramp troopers said a driver used to go south in the northbound lanes, causing a chain reaction crash on Tuesday.

The couple from Canada told Newswatch 16 this was their first time driving through northeastern Pennsylvania.


  • Solomon Grundy

    Why doesn’t that trooper wear his hat…isn’t that part of their uniform…he’s the same guy from the other day…maybe he doesn’t have one…idk

  • Granny

    There are sooooo many traffic signs posted in Pa that you tend to ignore the important ones. I think someone is getting a big chunk of monies from making signs!

  • Sam I Am

    Let me guess
    The GPS sent them that way !!

    Or they just plum forgot that Canada is NORTH of the United States.

  • short sighted

    How old were they??? It has got to be age related. Permanent revocation, oh wait they are from Canada. Lets lower the age restriction. Anyone over fifty automatic revocation permanently. Perhaps it is the signage, or the design of the highway or lighting in the area. Can`t be the stupidity of drivers. No way.

  • Matthew

    Good catch by PSP. Why is this suddenly an issue over the last few years? Granted, our roads suck, but it seems like stupidity has become rampant lately. Apparently it’s spread to Canada.

    • SoreTruthache

      Stupidity is rampant in our northern neighbor. Open acceptance of refugees, socialized medicine, liberal paradise

      • hg3300

        I disagree. Stupidity is rampant with you. How many of our own social programs do you take advantage of, exactly. I’m guessing more than zero, which would make you a hypocrite.

      • SoreTruthache

        None. I refuse to even ride the city bus. I work 40+, good job, house, pay for all my own stuff, and take handouts from none. Asking for help I see as weakness.

  • Bill K

    Something doesn’t make sense. It was my first time driving on plenty of roads and I never went the wrong way on any of them.

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