Two Retailers Close Near Towanda, Hitting Community Hard

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- Two national retailers are closing stores in Bradford Towne Centre near Towanda, hitting that community particularly hard.

Bradford Towne Centre is the major retail location serving the rural county. Now comes news JCPenney is leaving the shopping center.

"It kind of sucks. That's where I go shopping for the kids' clothes and they have good sales,” said Brittany Bartholomew of Monroeton.

The national retailer is closing nearly 140 stores in an effort to be more competitive with online retailers.

“JCPenney is like one of the only big clothing stores, like it's going to be different without it here,” said Rebecca Lunn of Wysox Township.

Nearby Payless ShoeSource, just steps from the JCPenney location, will be closing its location in the Towne Centre, too, in the wake of the company's bankruptcy filing.

Folks say that's a hard hit for their community.

Many say they'll have to drive to Vestal, New York--which is about an hour away--to shop.

"I feel like business around here wouldn't really be as good," said Kailyn Lunn of Wysox Township.

"I think more people should be shopping in our area, you know what I mean? Maybe they wouldn't close,” said Cheryl Swain.

The JCPenney store will close by June, according to company officials.

Payless ShoeSource officials did not give an exact date of closure.


  • Solomon Grundy

    Based on the facts I have compiled I really believe Tennessee and Kentucky will do quite well also…they will weather the upcoming depression…this is solely based on the statistics I have viewed

  • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

    Brick and mortar stores are closing all over the country, and a big recession is going to hit a lot of states very hard. I’m sorry to have to tell you that Pennsylvania will be one of the hardest hit states. But there’s a few states that will benefit from the upcoming recession. Among them, Ohio, Arizona, California, along non coastal areas, as well as Utah, North Dakota, and Texas. The only state that will be hit harder than Pennsylvania is Oklahoma, and it just might get as bad there as it did during the old dust bowl days. So now’s the time to get ready and move out of state, especially for those that live in apartments. It’s much easier for you than it is for a homeowner.

    • Amazing

      Aren’t you a special kind of zounderkite! Like we really care about JC ripoff and paymore for less!

    • Axia

      The reasoning that PA will not fare well is sound. One merely needs to look at socio-economic statuses of PA citizens and the overall area and climate of the state. That being said, Ohio is pretty much the same as PA, so I am unsure how you can say it’d fare well. Arizona is a tough call as well. Areas like Scottsdale may be fine, but likely not the case with Phoenix. I see Colorado, Washington State, and Oregon doing well during the coming depression, and areas like Texas, the entire rust belt, and non-tech states / areas feeling the hardest impacts.

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