Student-run Retail Store Opens at Stroudsburg High School

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STROUDSBURG -- In the lower level of a high school, you expect to find storage, not a store. But that's what you'll find at Stroudsburg High School on West Main Street where "Common Threads" is open for business.

"It's a really cool experience for these guys, for sure, and for us to be here. It's just a great experience for everyone. It's a lot of fun," said senior Jay Kmetz.

"Common Threads" is the high school's latest vocational training site for students with special needs.

The store gives students real-life work experience.

Amberise Colon is a junior, and she's in charge of sprucing up the men's and women's clothing racks.

"I'm working here and organizing right now because the shirts were, like, all over so we are fixing everything up and getting ready," Colon said.

All the clothes on the racks were donated by faculty and staff at the school, but it's the students who are going to be selling all the clothes and they are very excited to start helping people shop.

Proceeds go to help special education students transition into getting jobs, training, and life skills.

Heather Nowosad is the transition coordinator at the district. She says this is a two-year project come to life.

"We are finding that we need to develop those skills, those soft skills that they need if they get a job out in our community, they need to learn those skills here first and that is what our job is."

The clothing store will be open to the community this Friday.