Check River, Stream Levels Near You

National Weather Service Issued Flood Warning For Susquehanna County

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- The boat launch along the Susquehanna River in Hallstead is already almost covered with water -- and those river levels continue to rise.

With rain in the forecast, the National Weather Service issued a flood warning for Susquehanna County and is expected to last through Saturday.

“Trust me. When they say flood, I get very scared,” said Rita Frailey.

Frailey knows far too well just how bad flooding can be in this area. She lost her home in the flood of 2006 when the river and nearby creek rose up.

Despite putting her home on a concrete foundation, there was still damage in 2011.

“We ended up having to build up and put a new house on top of that and the last flood ended up blowing out our doors. We just got done with construction down in the basement, too. We lost everything there, too,” said Frailey.

Over at the American Legion in Great Bend Township, the building also got hit twice by those floods.

“It was like seven and a half feet downstairs, and we had to bring the bar, new bar up here,” said member Earl Lindsey.

“For the businesses here like the plaza, I'm concerned for them,” said Tom Macleod. “The legion took damage. The businesses in the plaza took damage, so yeah, I'm concerned for them.”

And there's a A good reason for that concern for the shops in Hallstead Plaza, which sits right next to the river.

Inside Reddon's Drug Store, markers are up on the door frame where flood waters once stood.

“It's definitely nerve-wracking, waiting, waiting for the water to go down and stay down, yeah,” said cashier Heather Martyak.

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  • Brett Jennings

    In 2006 the sewer plant in Great Bend had all but one motor or pump destroyed in the record flooding then. In the 2011 flood we did not lose one motor, pump or electrical panel. Still due to the high river levels we have been watching the river levels at the sewer plant for the last week or so.

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