Layoffs Coming in Moosic, Possibly Gouldsboro

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MOOSIC -- A few hundred jobs in Lackawanna County could be in jeopardy at two companies that had hiring booms in recent years. Both companies have recently switched hands.

A call center inside the Glenmaura Plaza in Moosic will lay off close to 150 workers later this year after picking up a new parent company.

There's speculation that another employer in Lackawanna County could close after being bought out by Amazon.

A sign at Covington Industrial Park in Gouldsboro says "Quidsi" but its name has recently changed. The warehouse that used to fulfill orders for is now an Amazon fulfillment center.

The place brought 300 new jobs to Lackawanna County back in 2010, but many of the 275 workers there now fear it will go the same way as other former Quidsi locations bought out by e-commerce giant Amazon.

One in New Jersey has already laid off a few hundred workers.

The speculation has reached Al's Quick Stop in Gouldsboro.

"We haven't been sure about it lately. A couple of the workers from there have been telling us they're not sure about it if they are going to close or not," said Jigar Patel.

The convenient market and Subway store is one of the only places open for lunch. They say if Amazon closes, they could, too.

"If they close down, it's going to affect about 50 or 60 percent because Subway, we get a lot of business from them. We get them platters, party platters, and stuff," said Patel.

Newswatch 16 reached out to Amazon about the status of the warehouse and no one has returned our calls.

In Moosic, there is a different but similar story. Close to 150 workers at a call center in a building off of Glenmaura National Boulevard will be laid off. The call center is called Conduent. Conduent spun off from Xerox in January of 2017.

Back in 2012, the place hired 150 new workers and 149 will be laid off this year.

Conudent sent a statement to Newswatch 16 about the layoffs:

"Every effort is being made to ensure that all employees are treated fairly. Affected employees have the opportunity to apply to other positions within the company, including approximately 1,900 work from home jobs."

Employees at Conduent tell Newswatch 16 that they received notice this week that their last day will be May 24.


  • Bill

    Another classic case of hire today, fire tomorrow. I just saw that Amazon was hiring people. Guess they did not get the memo here?


    Sad to see this happen. Our politicians need to stop focusing on the people and communities they represent. Current politicians only think about themselves. Don’t blame Amazon, blame your politician. Term limits need to be made for all Senators and Congressman.

  • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

    Amazon will probably close that location and consolidate that operation with two others, one in Louisville, KY, and the other in Columbus, Ohio. Amazon is cutting costs and Northeastern Pennsylvania isn’t included in their long term plans.

  • Anonymous

    You should probably get your facts straight before posting an article. TMS is not closing. Conduent on the 3rd floor is closing its doors in the Moosic location only. Xerox split into 2 separate companies and the business service side became Conduent. Again, another poorly reported article with the wrong information.

    • Willie Smith

      I disagree. I worked at TMS and was let go shortly after. In my opinion they are a scumbag company

      • anony

        What are you disagreeing with? The comment is just pointing out that the 3rd floor is closing….not TMS.

      • Freenie

        I agree, scumbag of a company it is. They really should be sued. How many people they cheated out of monies they earned. Lying SCUMBAG of a company and sorry to say most of the higher-up’s that ran it.

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