Fiamoncini Begins Spring Track and Field Practice For Mount Carmel

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Maura Fiamoncini returns to the silver bowl in Mount Carmel to begin her spring track and field training. Her throw of 155-1 inch won state gold in the AA javelin last year.

"It was shocking! I wasn't even expecting to do that well in the season, so that was just a nice comeback," said Maura.

Her training includes increased strength and flexibility. Ana Ditchey is her coach.

"You know she grew up playing softball. She has the fast arm the speed, and she is very good with technique, and I think that is the biggest thing with javelin is that you have to learn technique very well, and I think that's what she does," said Ana.

"Freshman year I started to throw. "Ditch" actually got me into it a day before track started. I was going to do softball so thankfully she got me into it. I can't thank her enough for doing that," again said Maura.

After winning the state title last year Maura will focus more on technique and less throwing in hopes of getting back to the top of the podium at Shippensburg.

"We're going to do less throwing and I think just perfect a couple of different things that she has to work on. She really has to work on her plant," again said Ana.

A 1,000 point scorer in her career with the Lady Red Tornadoes basketball team ended at the end of the 2015 season with a meniscus tear in her right knee, but that didn't end the recovery and rehab to make it for track season.

"It absolutely was. I mean it culminates at the end for all the work that she put in and the obstacles that she got past. I think that was the biggest thing because she started the year unknown with an injury and to end it that way that she did it was a sweet success story," added Ana.

"Yeah I was very upset not playing basketball. I've been playing that too since I was five years old to so that was pretty difficult for me, but it was nice because I knew they we're gonna do pretty well. I've been playing with them all my life. It was nice to see a lot of my friends succeed," added Maura.

Maura begins her track and field career and studies in mathematics at Bucknell in the fall. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports in Northumberland County.