Milford Residents Surprised by Small Crowds for Frein Trial

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MILFORD -- Some people who live in Milford tell us they are used to a lot of people coming to the courthouse whenever accused cop killer Eric Frein is inside.

On the first day of his trial, many residents were surprised at the smaller-than-expected crowds.

Bob Wasienko has lived near downtown Milford for more than 40 years. He says it's a typically quiet area. But over the past two years, whenever Eric Frein is inside the Pike County Courthouse, downtown gets a little louder.

"It's curiosity for a lot of people," Wasienko said. "It's nothing new to me. It's happened in other places and I don't see the big deal of the whole thing."

Frein's death penalty trial began on a rainy day. On streets by the courthouse, only a few news vehicles were seen.

Parking spots in front of the courthouse were scarce, but others nearby sat empty all day.

"I thought I was going to come to work and there was going to be people and media everywhere and it's actually not, not at all. I was surprised," said resident Brittany Daniels.

Many residents anticipated a lot more media and spectators.

Sue Ferris came to the courthouse from nearby Rowland. She thought the crowd might be as large as it was the day Frein was arraigned. She's a bit surprised by the lack of people but still interested in the case.

"Well, I'll learn how the justice process works, I think, plus what is going to happen, and it's all just very interesting."


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