Heavy Security as Trial of Eric Frein Begins

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MILFORD -- Heavy security was in place Tuesday morning in Pike County as opening statements began in the trial for accused cop killer Eric Frein.

Eric Frein was brought to the Pike County Courthouse for the first day of his trial. Two sheriff's cars blocked West High Street in Milford. The vehicle carrying Frein disappeared behind the newly fenced-in, and tarped-over back entrance to the building.

Shortly after that came the jury, brought from Chester County to hear the case of the man accused of shooting two state troopers back in September of 2014.

Out front, the courthouse lawn was filled with reporters, photographers, and the curious.

Delaware Valley sophomore Brenna Cavallaro is writing a story for her high school newspaper.

"My dad is a police officer so this case involved our family a lot. I wanted to see what court was like and how it was really going to happen," Cavallaro explained.

Brenna is considering a career in journalism. She hopes to take what she sees back to her classmates at Delaware Valley.

"I think that's why I'm here, to bring it back to the school newspaper and just to remind that it really did happen and bring justice to it."

Sue Ferris also looks at the Frein trial as an educational experience. She watched a homicide trial in Pike County, but the attention devoted to the Frein case tops it all.

"(I'm learning) how the justice process works, and what's going to happen. It's just very interesting," said Ferris.

Finally, it was time to open the courthouse doors and let everyone inside; one line for the public and another for the media.

Ferris chose to stay outside to avoid the opening day crowd, but she does intend to spend some time inside before this trial comes to an end.



  • GTX

    why don’t all you people go and protest at the courthouse like the snow flakes do. Nothing is worth the cost of a human life. No feelings for the troopers wife. Sad very sad. Maybe they should let him go free. Wonder how long he would last

  • Geraldoo

    Does this mean we will soon learn the story behind the motive? I can’t claim to know, but it sure smells fishy to me.

  • Michael K. Evans

    Have the State Police accounted for all of the expensive game cameras they have stolen. When Bad troopers cover for other Bad troopers, Bad things happen.!!

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