Food Stamp Facebook Post Leads to Another Arrest

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WILLIAMSPORT -- On her way into court in Williamsport Tanya Keenan Mack wouldn't respond to our questions, but back in February, she was hoping someone would respond to her when she uploaded a post to Facebook.

Investigators say Keenan Mack uploaded a picture of her access card to Facebook, looking to sell her food stamp card for cash. Instead, she admitted to investigators she wound up selling it for a bundle of heroin.

"Personally, I have never seen a case like this where someone has sold their food stamps on Facebook," said William Weber.

"It speaks to the level of addiction that someone would be as brazen as to post without covering any identifying information,” said Assistant District Attorney Scott Werner.

"I can't believe it. I can't believe it," said Kayla Shuder.

The post went viral, and calls started pouring in. One of those calls led the Office of Inspector General to file charges against another woman, Dana Pryor.

Lycoming County Detective William Weber tells Newswatch 16 Pryor was there when Keenan Mack uploaded her post to Facebook. Pryor admitted to selling her access card for cash.

"In Dana's case, she received cash. She then purchased drugs," said Weber.

Eddie Shuder and his wife Kayla stopped by the magistrate's office. They told us they keep a tight budget so they can buy the necessities.

"We can't get what we want to eat. We need to limit what we eat,” said Eddie Shuder.

"People struggle to put a meal on the table every day. There are families out there that need food stamps," said Kayla Shuder.

The Office of Inspector General filed charges against Pryor Tuesday. She is already in jail for drug charges.

Both women have admitted to selling their food stamp cards for either cash or drugs and could face up to five years in prison.



  • Smh

    What really funny is that the people they interviewed buy and sell food stamps themselves! They were coming out of the majestrate paying on a drug fine for Eddie shuder!

  • autism advocate

    Drug tests should be utilized for these recipients. I hope those charged get the max sentence but likely will not.

  • Every day I'm shuffling

    Agreed to a point, however, some able bodied people on assistance already work full time and still can’t afford to put food on the table so why should they be required to work in the community. They are already trying to do their part by supporting their family.

  • Amazing EBT CARD

    UPDATE: , wealthy man has bailed Mack out of jail as of last night! She will now not be prosecuted because he is the dealer

  • seen it all

    SAD, she’ll just have to sell something else , Unless she can actually decide the drugs are not worth the filth she has lowered herself to . Heroin ! How stupid can people be ?

  • MetalPlayer

    And this the Reason. There should be Drug Testing done. to recieve Benifits. Its our Tax Dollars paying the price for these benifits. This Abuse of the system needs to Stop.

    • PaElly

      Drug testing costs us taxpayers more than it saves $$ for the few times testing detects and removes drug abusers from Public Assistance benefits. Bad idea if your goal is to conserve tax $$

      • Smh

        This is the first sensible comment I have seen in a long time. These people are the same people who would be crying when their taxes are raised if they had to pay for SNAP drug testing. Just be glad these people aren’t running our country! No sense what so ever. I’m also glad this is just a small (tiny) portion of our country that thinks like this. The more thumbs down I receive for this comment, the prouder I am :)

  • Sean Connery

    We the hard working people put that money on that card, its all of our business Jenny. This is part of the reason everyone receiving gov’t benefits should be drug tested.

  • Jenny

    Move on WNEP from these type of stories. Thought much higher of you. Again this is non story. Who cares what people do with their card it’s theirs.

      • Just Sayin

        It is not a gift. It is money taken, without a choice, to redistribute what we have worked hard for. It is a redistribution of all the extra hours and hard work we have worked so we can afford Things! It is no different than being mugged!

    • MetalPlayer

      These are exactly the Stories that need to be Reported on. It’s a CRIME, and a Slap in the Face to Every Working Person paying Tax’s. Drug Test these people on Welfare Already. Its time for Accountability.

    • JP

      Obviously Jenny you must receive one as well. Work for your money and you’ll feel differently. That’s our money she is selling and it should be used for what it is intended for. Get a job you low life.

    • George

      “The most hardcore addicts know better.”
      ARE you kidding with that statement???? That’s why they’re in jail. Because of their stupidity of doing drugs or worst yet, selling them.
      Think before you post. Be smart, don’t do drugs, people.

      • Ross

        YOu are making a generalized statement.

        i guess anyone who breaks the law is all lumped in one category.

        AGain, the majority of full blown addicts don’t make a Facebook post offering to sell food stamps.

        If that was the case, this would be the 10,000 instance, locally of this happening.

        Keep thinking you are right.

      • Ross

        Be smart, don’t do drugs.

        I’d bet some of the most prominent people did drugs, at one point or another.

        Funny stuff.

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