Flames Engulf Home in Snyder County

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Flames engulfed a house in Snyder County Tuesday night.

The fire broke out at the place along Route 104 near Middleburg just before 8 p.m.

Video sent to us by Tony Bendele shows the massive flames.

The Middleburg fire chief says the entire house went up in smoke and flames in a matter of minutes. There were four people living in the place and everyone was home at the time, but the chief says they all made it out safe.

The house was built in 1984 by the current owners.

A state police fire marshal said there is too much damage to figure out what caused the fire. He said he believes the fire started in the garage and the house is a total loss.

The fire chief says it was windy last night and that played a part in the smoke and flames spreading so fast.

"I was first on scene. When I came out the road here, it was already a lot of smoke and heavy fire. When I got here, it was through the entire house," said Middleburg Volunteer Fire Chief Butch Hackenberg.