Calling to Collect your Taxes

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- The sign on the door of a Liberty Tax Office near Wilkes-Barre says it all: 14 days and counting until your taxes have to be filed.

And if you're late, you may get a phone call.

"Obviously, now what they're going to do is send letters, and letters, and letters, and letters. They can't get you to pay your taxes. They're going to send you to a collection agency, and they will contact you," explained Liberty Tax Service manager June Myrkalo.

"It's about time they started picking up their slack and not letting the tax evaders get away," said Artie Ravitz of Easton.

In the past, the IRS did not call taxpayers who were late but now, it will hire collections agencies.

"It might confuse some people, but in six months, it will all be ironed out and people understand they can call if you owe them money," Ravitz added.

Tax experts in Luzerne County tell Newswatch 16 that some people in our area have actually fallen victim to fraud, but as long as you have paid your taxes, and you haven't gotten an official letter from the government, then you don't have to worry about a call from the IRS.

Experts say the only people who should get phone calls are people who are several years behind on their taxes.

"We get people every year, you know, they've threatened to call the cops, 'I paid my taxes.' If you paid your taxes after years, and years, you're obviously going to get suspicious if anyone calls you and says you owe tax money," said Myrkalo.

If you want to avoid any of those tax collection calls, make sure you file your taxes before Tuesday, April 18.


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