Businesses Welcome Extra Customers During Trial

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MILFORD -- While the murder trial of Eric Frein is underway, there are a lot of people in Milford, including members of the media and spectators.

Some business owners we spoke to told us this time of year is relatively quiet for this part of Pike County, but they are welcoming the foot traffic.

On a typical rainy day in Milford, you wouldn't see many people walking around. But one of the most high-profile murder trials in our area is taking place inside the Pike County Courthouse.

"The courthouse has been crowded with everyone covering the trial. We will anticipate more people downtown here in the lunchtime area," said Sean Gilmartin, owner of Sweet, Sweet Wonderland Cupcakes just a few blocks away from where Eric Frein is on trial.

He welcomes all the new faces downtown. The baker is even throwing in a free coffee with any baked good purchase.

"People come in, get a nice cup of coffee and a cupcake and then they are like, 'OK, I'm good now. I can stand and watch the trial and trudge forward.'"

Businesses up and down Broad Street tell us they don't mind the extra foot traffic because this is a typically quiet time for Pike County.

Brittany Daniels works in downtown Milford. She was surprised there weren't more members of the media and spectators filling the front lawn of the courthouse. She even left a little early for work to make sure she got a parking spot.

"I thought I was going to come to work and there was going to be people and media everywhere and it's actually not, not at all. I was surprised," Daniels said.


  • Amazing

    They like the extra customers but are griping about having to pay for the trial? You can’t eat your cake and …………

    • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

      From what I understand, the state isn’t contributing one cent towards the cost of the trial. It’s pretty clear to me that the state don’t much care about the people there, including their own employees, in this case, the state police. Pennsylvania has some of the highest taxes in the nation, and yet, they won’t contribute any money towards the cost of the trial. Why?

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