Meet the Family Behind the Viral April Fools’ Day Mail Carrier Prank

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LEWISBURG -- A family from Lewisburg played an April Fools' Day prank on their mail carrier and now that prank has gone viral.

Billy and Jackie Kelly make their home in Lewisburg. Billy is a comedian and wanted to do something funny, but harmless, on April Fools' Day. He thought of something while looking at his front door.

"I had just thought of it one day. We had a letter sticking out of the mail slot. I just thought it would be funny if you pulled it and it just kept going. I talked to Jackie and we decided we should do it as a prank on the mailman."

That's when the couple decided to stick a letter out of the mail slot. The only catch is the letter was 10 feet long.

Credit: Bill Kelly / Facebook

"(I) put it in so it was sticking out and made sure he could see the stamp on it and then my daughter and I hid in the car with the camera and took a picture of him while he did it," said Billy.

Credit: Bill Kelly / Facebook

"There was that moment when I knew they weren't coming out of the car and I thought, 'Is this a good idea?'" said Jackie. "And I came out and said, 'April Fools! We were just playing a trick!'"

Credit: Bill Kelly / Facebook

The Kellys said their mail carrier was a good sport.

"'I love comedy! That's great, that's great,' so he appreciated it right away."

Credit: Bill Kelly / Facebook

The prank went viral, which surprised the Kellys. But they tell Newswatch 16 they're happy they could spread some cheer.

"I just got a text from my cousin in Ireland that she saw it in the Daily Mail, which is a big newspaper over there," said Billy.

"I think it's nice that people just think it's funny and want to pass it along. A little laugh is good," Jackie added.

The Kellys say it's soon time to start thinking of another prank for next year.